Beginning in 2021, we decided to take a proactive & personal approach to our annual philanthropy. Our staff are the heart and soul of our business; their concerns and interests are all of ours. After surveying coworkers, we generated a list of philanthropic causes important to them.

Each month we will donate $2 from each sale of our Have a Heart Sundae to a different local organization based on these suggestions.

By focusing our attentionon one cause at a time, we hope to concentrate our efforts and amplify our reach.


Our Philanthropy Calendar


January Undeserved/Foster Youth  TINY WPA

February Racial Justice  Honeysuckle Project

March Disability Justice  The Center for Autism

April Criminal Justice Reform Philadelphia Cannabusiness Association

May Immigration & Refugees Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia

June Food Access South Philly Punks with Lunch

July Homelessness Old First Reformed Church / Old First House

August Environmental Reform Citizens' Climate Lobby

September Mental Health Awareness People Acting to Help

October Historic Preservation Preservation Alliance

November Women’s Health Women's Way

December Sustainable Agriculture Heritage Farm

JANUARY Homelessness Project Home
FEBRUARY Criminal justice Reform Prison Society
MARCH Disability Justice SpArc Philadelphia
MAY Sustainable Agriculture Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture
JUNE LGBTQIA+ rights The Attic Youth Center
JULY Racial Justice The Lemon Project
AUGUST Food Access Everybody Eats Philly
SEPTEMBER Under served youth/Homeless youth/Foster Care Mighty Writers
OCTOBER Historic Preservation Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia

APRIL-SEPTEMBER Mai Kim's Medical Fund
OCTOBER Immigration & Refugees Nationalities Service Center
NOVEMBER Racial Justice We Reign
DECEMBER Supply Chain Equity Slow Food USA/ Philly

Have A Heart Sundae

have a heart

Strawberry and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Strawberry Compote,

Whipped Cream, Pink Sprinkles and a single Arrowroot Cookie