We pride ourselves on the quality of our products with a focus on local and organic ingredients. Our ice creams, toppings and chocolate are made in-house from scratch.

Milk and cream are obtained from a local dairy. Fruits are local when in season and are regularly preserved for year-round use. Nuts are freshly roasted in South Philadelphia. Our bean-to-bar chocolate is made from cacao that is transparently sourced from trusted producers. We have eliminated artificial colors from all of our products and use only natural flavors.

Our Philanthropy Calendar

Beginning in 2021, we decided to take a proactive & personal approach to our annual philanthropy. Our staff are the heart and soul of our business; their concerns and interests are all of ours. After surveying coworkers, we generated a list of philanthropic causes important to them.

Each month we will donate $2 from each sale of our Have a Heart Sundae to a different local organization based on these suggestions.

By focusing our attention & efforts on one cause at a time, we hope to concentrate our efforts and amplify our reach.

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