A traditional Philadelphia-style Vanilla Ice Cream with ground vanilla bean specks and a blend of fine Mexican and Madagascar vanilla extracts. Historically, visible bean pods indicated a purity of product. The Mexican bean imparts a fruity spiciness while the traditionally modern Madagascar vanilla is a sweet and creamy vanilla to which everyone can relate.


A dark, rich chocolate ice cream made by adding a highly alkalized reddish Dutch cocoa to a milk chocolate base.  Giving a perfect blend of rich milk and bittersweet chocolate notes for that old-fashioned chocolate ice cream taste.


A signature Franklin flavor is our White Peppermint ice cream swirled with green creme de menthe and dark bittersweet chocolate chunks. “Green or White?” we are always asked… Franklin, the great peacemaker, would have had both. It will satisfy the world.


With our vanilla bean ice cream base, anything is wonderful. Our peanut butter is silky smooth as it layers itself against our vanilla ice cream, full of sweetness and lots of saltiness to be enjoyed time and again. We are craftsmen of integrity and do not cut corners.

This flavor is loaded with peanut butter!


Real banana with no artificial flavoring or color is all you need to create the most natural, flavorful, caramelized banana ice cream. This flavor was originally made to serve Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia. It's his favorite flavor! It was so popular that we decided to make it a permanent flavor in the shop.


This flavor contains vigorous chords of java flavor, and is made with a house-made extract using real espresso brewed from the beans of the artisan roasters at Chestnut Hill Coffee. The rich complexity of its taste is dark and velvety, and is enhanced by our Mexican vanilla extract and sprinkled hints of dark cocoa powder.


Today known as “cookies and cream”, this vanilla based ice cream is infused with a plethora of cookie pieces. The Hydrox Cookie was invented in 1908, four years before Nabisco came out with the Oreo in 1912 and remains Kosher to this day.  We grew up with Hydrox Cookies at grandmother Berley’s house. Try it! It’ll take you back.


A house specialty, Whirly Berley is named after the Franklin Fountain's inimitable owners, the Berley Brothers. Cocoa nibs, chocolate salted caramel, and honey nougat are swirled into a rich, dark chocolate ice cream base for the perfect salty-sweet dessert.


Dark bittersweet chocolate chunks are added sequentially into our ice cream machine to provide a diversity of chip experience. Our chips are real chocolate and are not pumped full of vegetable oils. Once a customer even remarked that the chips were too large!


The deep, pink color of our Strawberry Ice Cream is an indication of just how much pureed strawberry we include. The fresh cream creates a beautiful berry balance.


Unique and sensational, our nut flavors are some of our best. Sweet notes of butterscotch compliment the burst of flavor from the mammoth, salted pecans.

The word is out – we’re crazy about nuts!


We use pure, pulverized green tea to naturally flavor this ice cream. The flavor is on the bitter, savory side with a remarkably dry finish. Not for the faint of heart, but true green tea devotees love it.


Black Raspberry is a seductive flavor made with real fruit puree. This old fashioned flavor still maintains a stronghold in Yankee New England. 


Think fresh!  Our ice cream is so fresh that we are always picking up ingredients to make more and sending it out the door at record speed. With this flavor, consider the color, flavor and texture of the fruit pieces and you’ll pick ours again.


Seductive in nature, this smooth coconut cream flavor has flecks of real coconut scattered throughout its ice cream. A great pairing with Black Raspberry or wonderful with hot fudge.


A true culinary achievement for us. Having searched this flavor intensively, we have figured out how to use only the choicest, salted pistachios and let the nuts naturally flavor and color the ice cream. We are very proud of this flavor.


The Franklin Ice Cream Bar is proud to feature a rotating selection of VEGAN flavors. We house-make our vegan ice cream from a coconut base.  Some of our flavors include Vegan Vanilla, Vegan Hydrox, Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Kona Macadamia Nib among others.  Stop in or give us a call to see today's flavor options.


Just like the name says, our Fancy Ice is made from real fruit.  The Franklin Ice Cream Bar will always have Fancy Ice ready to scoop in a variety of seasonal flavors.  Some of our favorites include Concord Grape, Lemon Ice, Strawberry Guava, and, of course, Mango!  These flavors are vegan friendly and do not contain any dairy.

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