52127 BB — Our Story

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The Franklin Ice Cream Bar is the newest member of the Franklin Fountain family, specializing in made to order Keystone Bars hand-dipped in Bean-to-Bar Chocolate roasted at Shane Confectionery and sprinkled with a selection of delectable toppings.  Continuing the Franklin Fountain’s commitment to locally-sourced ingredients, our milk and cream is procured from a local 1920s family dairy. The menu also includes our signature ice cream, frozen custard, vegan options, and take-home pints and quarts of house-made Franklin Ice Cream.

In 2006, in honor of the Tercentenary of the Birth of Benjamin Franklin, The Franklin Fountain served our first batch of homemade ice cream. We started with Philadelphia Vanilla Bean, but within a few short weeks we started making all the flavors the Fountain is famous for: Mint Chip (green and white), Rocky Road and Peanut Butter, to name a few. Thus began the rebirth of FRANKLIN ICE CREAM.

Over the years, thousands of businesses have prospered under the name “Franklin” as the man inspired so many entrepreneurs. Ice cream was no exception, as companies from Kansas City, Omaha, Indianapolis and Toledo all separately branded their “Franklin Ice Cream”. With the emergence of large food conglomerates, these regional ice cream companies disappeared, leaving little but memories and some wonderful advertisements. The Franklin Ice Cream Bar embraces its predecessors and pays homage to them by incorporating their branding and design into our own.